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Weigh-in motion systems are used in live traffic lines to weigh and classify the vehicles. By using weigh-in motion systems, the actual loads that is being applied by a moving truck to a roadway can be measured. The actual load applied by a vehicle is much more than the weight of the vehicle. The dynamic load depends upon vehicle bouncing, acceleration and deceleration and shifting of the load. All these loading factors are measured by a WIM system.

Increased inspection creates safer roads for everyone on highways. Overweight trucks are the leading factor in the deterioration of road surfaces. Keeping overloaded trucks off the road lessens wear and tear. This drastically reduces the amount of funds necessary for repairing damaged roads. The improved flow of commercial traffic will help keep all traffic moving at a better place.

Weigh-in motion systems use sensors. Highly detailed information can be gathered about a vehicle. The size, type, number of axles, and per-axle and overall weight can be gathered.

Toll weighing system manufactures India

Some of the features of weigh-in motion system are:

  • Dynamic and Static operation selectable by the user
  • Better accuracy +/- 1% of FSR
  • Weight all vehicles from light vans to 100 tone articulated trucks
  • Standard vehicle classification as well as user-definable available
  • Direct computer interface
  • Vehicle-By-Vehicle data storage
  • Compact design and easy to use
  • Custom made and standard software to suit specific application
  • Long range temperature compensated, can withstand at higher operating temperature
  • Easy to install and collaborate
  • Designed to suit various types of highway location
  • Classification of over 20 unique vehicle types
  • Under and overload settable the user beside standard specification of OEM

Senlogic Automation Private Limited Company is a trusted name engaged in the weighing automation activities. They provide weigh-in motion systems in Chennai and popularly known as the best providers of toll weighing system manufactures in India.

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