Dumper Weighing System

The Dumper load is the payload monitoring system for off-highway rigid dump trucks. It is developed on the opencast sites make the instrument’s inherent operating and automation characteristics perfect. It prevents the overloading and thereby lower the maintenance cost and tyre wear which is an important consideration when managing a dumper fleet. The Dumper Load […]

Automatic Traffic Counter Cum Classifier System

ATCC is a high-speed traffic data collection system. It detects, counts and classifies all traffic passing where it is installed without interruption to traffic flows. In regular time periods, it sends report by measuring the speed of the vehicles. ATCCs can be interfaced with a variety of different equipments like VMS, CCTV, Modem. It is […]

Best Quality Rail In Motion Weighing System In Chennai

Abiding by the ethical standards and norms of the industry, we bring forth a high-quality range of Rail Weighing System. These systems are manufactured in an advanced manufacturing unit by making use of latest technological equipment. In order to offer exact and accurate data, our range of products is offered with rail sensors. We also […]


Have you seen the large excavation machine? It actually includes a lot of features Excavators are equipment that is heavy and consisting of a boom, a stick, bucket and a cab on a rotating platform known as house. Hydraulic fluid with hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic motors are used for the movement and functions of a […]

Rail Static Weighing Systems from SenLogic – for better precision and accuracy

Technology has made our life easier, faster and more convenient. Yet there are many areas such as load management and weighing systems that still need more development. And that is what we at SenLogic aim to do. Rail static weighing system is one such invention of ours that has been designed to satisfy the weighing […]

Managing load weight with OBWS from Senlogic

Weights and loads are no longer a headache any more. Making use of the latest elements of technology, on board weighing system or OBWS assists in eliminating a lot of concern regarding the inaccuracy factor, while weighing huge loads of consignments. On board weighing system or OBWS are manufactured with the aim of dealing with […]

Senlogic Participating in 6th IME

Senlogic Automation Private Ltd, is an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization, approved by RDSO engaged in manufacturing, supplying and exporting a commendable array of Weighing and Loading Systems. Senlogic Automation Private Ltd is participating in International Mining Exploration Mineral Processing Technology Metals and Machinery Exhibitions ( 6th IME ) on 24th to 27th February 2016. Our […]