Road Weigh Bridge

Weigh bridge is a large set of scale, they are usually mounted permanently on a concrete foundation, and it is used to weigh rail or road vehicles and their contents. The load carried by the vehicle can be determined by weighing the vehicle both empty and when loaded.

The main compenent that uses a weighbridge in order to make the weigh mesaurement is load cells.


  • Menu Driven operation
  • Highly sohpiscated state of the art technology based weighing terminal
  • Remote sensing excitation circuitry.
  • High-resolution analog to digital converter
  • Automatic Calibration Check
  • Auto Zero Maintenance
  • IBM Keyboard/ Keypad Interface
  • Password Security.
  • Centtronis Parallel Interface
  • Self & Operator Diagnostics
  • Digital Indicator Model with micro controller and large lcd displays
  • Printer Interface
  • Auto Zero Tracking
  • Auto calibration
  • Real time clock
  • Watch Dog Timer

Technical Specification

1,2,5,10,20,50 and 100 user selectable

System Accuracy
+/- 0.05%

Pit and pit less design

Load Cell (Double ended, compression)

IBM compatible keyboard centronics Rs232/ Rs 485

16X2 Lcd Display/ 128X64 Graphic Display

Rs 232/ Rs 485/USB/ 4-20MA

Conversion Rate

Optional Item
Remote Large Display (2 inch, 4 inch) computer and software pack-agem unmanned Rf weighing, weather proof junction box, ticket printer.

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