Have you seen the large excavation machine? It actually includes a lot of features
Excavators are equipment that is heavy and consisting of a boom, a stick, bucket and a cab on a rotating platform known as house. Hydraulic fluid with hydraulic cylinders and hydraulic motors are used for the movement and functions of a hydraulic excavator.

excavator weighing machine
They are used for the digging of trenches, holes, and foundations. Material handling can be done with them. They are also used for brush cutting with a hydraulic saw and mower attachments. Their services can be aided in forestry work, forestry mulching, construction, general grading, mining especially open pit mining, river dredging, driving piles, drilling shafts, snow removal, snowplow and snow blower attachments.

The feature of Excavator Weighing System


  • Data processing is fast
  • Real-time bucket tip-off
  • Program blending
  • Display is large
  • Vehicle plate number and individual axle weight loading
  • Multi-task loading
  • Data search engine
  • USB data transfer
  • I pot payload Management software
  • Comprehensive Truck ticket printing
  • High-speed roller printer for reports
  • Driver’s ID, scale locking system-
  • Wireless docket printout
  • Wireless data communication

Components of Excavator Weighing Machine

Are you interested in knowing the components of an excavator weighing system?
Pressure transducers – They are connected to the reach stacker hydraulic system. They are responsible for sensing the hydraulic pressure in the lift cylinders as the loaded container is filled.
Rotatory Trigger- To ensure reliable and repeatable dynamic weighing it offers precision sensing throughout the life cycle.
Rugged design and programmed with proprietary weighing software, the machine indicator provides an intuitive interface to the weighing system.
Slope compensation kit allows high accuracy weighing
The printer allows documenting container weight with the ruggedized printer. The printer can also provide daily and weekly productivity and performance reports
Data communication solution include data module, Wi-Fi, radio, or 3G modem GPS.
A proximity sensor is fitted to ensure weighing takes place only when the telescopic boom is fully retracted.


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