Managing load weight with OBWS from Senlogic

Weights and loads are no longer a headache any more. Making use of the latest elements of technology, on board weighing system or OBWS assists in eliminating a lot of concern regarding the inaccuracy factor, while weighing huge loads of consignments. On board weighing system or OBWS are manufactured with the aim of dealing with enormous quantities of vehicular load weighing and its optimisation.

With an experience of decades in the field of weighing automation activities, Senlogic in collaboration with VEI group offers the best on board weighing system on par with global standards. The quality and integration with the latest technological factors have helped in earning a name for the equipment in the global market.

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Senlogic OBWS Highlights

The highlights of On Board Weighing System from Senlogic are as follows.

  • Accurate display and exact quantity of the load weighed for loading or selling.
  • Optimising the vehicular load to prevent issues of over or under loading.
  • Helps in speeding up the loading process.
  • Enable the measuring of exact level of loader production.
  • Designed to be compatible with excavators and loaders found around the global.
  • Adjudged as the best of on board weighing system in the country.
  • Senlogic is the supplier of weighing system for front end loader manufacturers as well.
  • OBWS of Senlogic is built on Italian collaboration and hence an Indian – Italian product.

Types of On Board Weighing System from Senlogic

the various ranges of OBWS manufactured and marketed at Senlogic includes: –

  • Loader weighing system – a tool for efficiently controlling production, it helps in preventing issues of overloading or underloading of materials
  • Dumper weighing system – with an ease of operation to rival any of the weighing systems in market today, it is also easy to maintain.
  • Excavator weighing system – freeing operators from load control, these systems provide an accurate measure of the loads.
  • Forklift weighing system – helps in accurate load weighing as well as fuel optimisation
  • Articulated dump truck weighing system – an award-winning product, high on demand, it is well known for weight management functionality.
  • Grapple weighing system – helps in manipulating the weighing data, interpreting it and then converting them into a readily understandable form.

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