Rail Static Weighing Systems from SenLogic – for better precision and accuracy

Technology has made our life easier, faster and more convenient. Yet there are many areas such as load management and weighing systems that still need more development. And that is what we at SenLogic aim to do.
Rail static weighing system is one such invention of ours that has been designed to satisfy the weighing and loading needs of industries today. They can be customised to the needs of the customers and can be installed within a day, that too without creating any sort of traffic or civil disturbances.

rail static weighing machine chennai
Why rail static weighing system from SenLogic?
The popularity of these weighing systems from SenLogic can be attributed to its various features. Some of them are as follows: –
High accuracy and speed
BIS and OIML approved
Menu driven operation
Auto calibration
Auto zero tracking
Weather proof design
Remote sensing excitation circuitry
Analog to digital convertor with high definition functionality
Watch dog timer
Printer interface, IBM keypad/keyboard interface
Inbuilt lightening protector and surge protection
Self and operator diagnostics
Password security

weighing machine chennaiThe system is capable of performing about hundred conversions in a second and can help translate even noisy signals into accurate results by exciting about 12 load cells.
Some of the different types of rail static weighing systems are as follows: –
Load cell based rail static weighing system – offers high quality and performance at relatively cheaper prices
Pit type rail static weighing system – the design helps in various terms of utility and outlays
Pitless type rail static weighing system – some of the premium products, they provide high standards of performance and efficiency
Sensor-based rail static weighing system – sensors helps in obtaining the precise and accurate data of operation.
Surface mount rail static weighing system – more related to outer performance and space management, their design and specification helps in better and quality performance.
SenLogic has played a very instrumental role in designing systems that helps in effective management of load and weighing industry.
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