Safe Load Indicator/ Crane Weighing System

Our main aim is to design, develop and implement new ideas and technology in various filed with our team. New to filed with our team. Now to filed but our product speaks about our expertise in the product development and implementation. An equipment for the crane safety and monitoring system with controlling the movement of crane with in the limit of the manufacturers specification to prevent accident and heavy damages to human and machines is the new product.


  • Measurement of angle and weight
  • User programmable range for angle vs weight range
  • Wireless/ GSM Data transmission for the critical area
  • Large display for the day light view
  • Measurement of angle and weight on main as well axuliary boom.
  • Rope speed sensors
  • Boom and loop angel measurement RFI/EMI Signal Protection
  • Sensors- Protection Against overvoltage and reverse voltage.

Senlogic Automation Private Limited Company in Chennai is a professional company who are engaged in the Weighing Automation activities from February 2002. Senlogic offers high-quality Weigh Scale Manufacturer in Chennai and Crane Weighing System Suppliers in India at affordable cost. At Senlogic, we engage ourselves in the manufacture, sales & service of all types of weighing equipment with high quality by incorporating quality control system to ensure flawless products to the utmost customer satisfaction.

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