Weigh-in-motion (WIM) is designed to be an economical and convenient solution for measuring the weight of moving trucks. There are three major benefits using this system that, in a sense, repay taxpayers for their investment. Increased inspection creates safer roads for everyone on highways. Overweight trucks are the leading factor in the deterioration of road surfaces. Keeping overloaded trucks off the road lessens wear and tear. This drastically reduces the amount of funds necessary for repairing damaged roads. The improved flow of commercial traffic will help keep all traffic moving at a better pace.



  • Dynamic And Static Operation Selectable By The User
  • Standard Vehicle Classification As Well As User Definable Available
  • Custom Made And Standard Software To Suit Specific Application
  • Under And Over Load Settable The User Beside Standard Specification Of Oem
  • Better Accuracy +/- 1% Of FSR
  • Long Range Temperature Compensated, Can With Stand At Higher Operating Temperature
  • Weigh All Vehicles From Light Vans To 100 Tone Articulated Trucks
  • Classification Of Over 20 Unique Vehicle Types
  • Vehicle-By-Vehicle Data Storage
  • Designed To Suit Various Types Of Highway Location
  • Easy To Install And Calibrate
  • Direct Computer Interfac
  • Compact Design And Easy To Use

We are the best option in the automation industry to seek for weigh in motion products. Our expertise in field has made well equipped to face any challenging need of clients. This product is efficient in monitoring, fuel efficiency and tracking vehicles. The vehicles are embedded with vehicle identification and data management systems, which are optional. This is increase the effectiveness of operations.

Toll Weighing

This is an effective system that can be used in toll plazas at highways. Toll weighing systems can monitor the weight of the vehicles easily. There is a wide range of toll weighing systems manufactured by our company. It can be used to detect the type, weight and class of vehicles. These are used for legal and safety purposes.

Enforcement weigh bridge

These are similar to toll weighing on the basis of purpose or use. It is mainly used by authorities or at check point to check the weights of vehicles. These are in the form of bridges, custom made to monitor vehicle weights.