Our truck on board is not only sophisticated weighing and controlling device, monitors the fuel consumption and track vehicle. In addition to this automatic vehicle identification shall be added as optional devices. Type of truck and application does not stop us to implement a weighing and data management system into the truck on board. Dumper load with user friendly display fitted into the dash board provides more convenience to see the weight and control the loading by driver without additional manpower.


LOAD PIN: custom made load pin shall be installed in the higs of the Tipper with minimum modification in the Truck body with our prebuilt accessories not only reduce the time for installation also improves the safety of truck. Pressure sensor: Load trigger switch Rigged mounted truck: Double shear load cell. Millennium is the most simple and cost effective solution for initial recording of truck and bucket load transaction weights. It is designed to offer weight control during loading. The plug and play connection with printer makes it an even more attractive A Data logger unit is available that download all daily weighing transactions to your PC. The Millennium/ Mills-2 communication tools includes Printer (Option) | I-key Memory stick (Option) | I-pot lite software (Option) | Lighted keypad (Option) | Wireless communication (Option)


  • In-Motion Weighing
  • Real Time Bucket Tip Off
  • Products listing
  • Products Production Recording
  • Load ID
  • I-Pot Lite Payload management software
  • Wireless communication
  • Handling of 2 machine’s calibration