Senlogic is continuously working on developing systems that improves the accuracy for the in motion weighing even with minimum straight line and moderate curvature . Our innovative product range are full draft rail in motion, Direct rail mountable load cell based bogie weighing and efixon rail sensor based system with improved software capability and full remote calibration. Our team of engineers have developed in- motion sensor which can be installed in two hours time without affecting traffic flow. It could be any rail size and track, anywhere in the world. Our system are being manufactured in compliance with OIML/BIS standard, approval has been obtained for up to 20 kmph under class 0.2 OIML R106 from Govt Of INDIA



  • Fix In Embedded – Rail Mounted Sensor With Hermitically Sealing
  • Pit/Pitless Design Option Under Single Roof
  • High Speed And High Accuracy
  • Automatic Correction Of Gain And Zero
  • Automatic Identification Of Wagon And Engine
  • Anti Roll Back Upto 65000 Wheels
  • Direct Print Out Of Rake Information
  • Rdso Approved
  • Approved Under Class 0.2 Per OIML/LM
  • Advanced Over Speed Indication
  • Automatic Direction Selection
  • Modular Design For Silo And Rls Loading
  • High MV/V Output With Reduced Snr
  • In – Built Surge Protection And Lightning Arrestor
  • Well Built And Maintenance
  • Weather Proof Design


Weighing Capacity
User Selectable Upto 9999.99 T
I- Rail Fixon Sensor/ Load cell/ Load bar
IBM Compatible Keyboard Centronics RS232/ RS 485
10, 20, 50 And 100 User Selectable
Maximum Weighing Speed
Track Switch
Non Contact
Win Weigh Window based software
System Accuracy
+/- 0.5% Individual Wagon, +/- 0.2% For Unit Train
(As Per OIML 0.2 Accuracy Class)
Wagon and Loco Identification
Fully Automatic
RS232/ RS 485/ USB
Pit And Pitless
Direction of weighing
Bi- Directional

Senlogic has been manufacturing and marketing a wide range of rail weighing systems or automatic rail weighing systems. These are some of our major products. We manufacture the best quality rail weighing systems in the automation industry and have proved our worthiness in the past. We have equipped our facility with most modern technology for carrying out such operations. For getting accurate data, we have added rail sensors along with our products. We have both customized and bulk production facility to meet client requirements. We have recruited the best group of professional who are experiencd, and committed, for manufacturing such products. We also train trhem so that they can cope up with the technological advancements.

Rail In Motion

Our company uses the lr64atest technology to manufacture rail in motion weighing systems. In the past years, we have been making and marketing this product for various clients. We have earned the trust of our clients by providing the best quality products at the best prices. Another key attribute of our rail in motion weighing system is that it only requires less maintenance.

  • Multi Draft rail in motion:
    this is a type of rail in motion weighing system. It is one of our quality products that we have delivered from our olden days. This product is known for its accuracy and low maintenances.
  • Full draft rail in motion:
    this is another type of rail in motion weighing systems. It is built along with highly advanced speed indicators and automatic direction selectors. This type of product is known for its zero-error operations and high speed functioning.
  • Load Cell Based Rail in motion:
    load cell based rail in motion is a product that comes under rail in motion weighing systems. These types of products are to made especially for certain purposes. Quality is maintained in every delivery for the cheapest prices in the industry.
  • Sensor Board rail in motion:
    in this type of products, sensors are embed in the rail in motion weighing systems to get the accurate results. These are done at the request of our clients or for some highly customized products. These are used in both customized and large scale production.
  • RDSO Approved rail in motion:
    RDSO approval for rail in motion is one of the product’s specification. This symbolized the quality level and standardized procedure. The raw materials purchased from the suppliers are RDSO approved and thus are of superior quality. This is one reason for our unique quality level.
  • Pit type Rail in motion:
    rail in motion has many specifications when it comes to it utility and quality. Pit design option under single roof is specification of rail in motion weighing systems. They are related with the type, or design of the product. Different clients have different needs and design specifications. Thus meeting them is necessary.
  • Pit less type Rail in motion:
    rail in motion has many provisions when it comes to it function and value. Pit less design choice under single roof is a kind of specification of rail in motion weighing systems. They are associated with the kind or blueprint of the product. Different customers have different requirements and design specifications. With pit less type of rail motion it is easy to handle such operations.