Our core competence is that we continue to design, develop and implement new ideas irdes and technology in various filed with our team. New to filed but our product speaks about our expertise in the product development and implementation. Developed a product for the carne safety and monitoring system with controlling the movement of crane with in the limit of the manufacturers specification to prevent accident and heavy damages to human and machines.



  • Measurement Of Angle And Weight
  • User Programmable Range For Angle Vs Weight Range
  • Wireless / GSM Data Transmission For The Critical Area
  • Large Display For The Day Light View
  • Measurement Of Angel And Weight On Main As Well Axuliary Boom
  • Rope Speed Sensors
  • Boom And Liup Angel Measurement RFI/ EMI Signal Protection
  • Sensors – Protection Against Overvoltage And Reverse Voltage


Crane weighing systems are more suitable for heavy, large items. Cranes are used to weigh such object. This helps to improve crane safety and to monitor systems, thus reducing industrial accidents due to over weights. Crane weighing systems helps to prevent human and machine damage by calculating the weight first. It uses the latest technology and combination of machinery and software inputs to do so.

Load Monitoring Device

The main objective of the crane weighing system is to measure or monitor the weight of load being carried. This device helps to ascertain the weight of the load being carried with the help of crane. With the help of load monitoring devices, both human and material damages could be avoided.

SMS Crane Weighing

This is another feature of the crane weighing systems. They are highly reliable and fast. The operations are carried out by using only optimum time. They are also highly efficient in fuel consumption and performance.

Hot Metal Crane scales

Carrying or moving hot metals are impossible tasks for human hands. They are hot and heavy. Crane weighing systems helps to move heavy and hot metals. This helps to reduce the work load and increases the efficiency.

Gantry Crane Weighing

We also provide gantry crane weighing services. We manufacture and market such type of weighing systems also. They are highly reliable in carrying and monitoring very heavy objects. Their efficiency is unparallel when it comes to weighing heavy objects.

Overload Monitor

This is one of basic reason to use crane weighing systems. They help to monitor crane activities and identify overload issues. Overload will result in damaging the crane or industrial accidents. They might result in occurrence of human or material damages. Thus crane weighing monitors overload.