Hopper weighing system

Our hopper weighing system is featured with great strength. This product is tested at various levels in the manufacturing process in order to make sure the quality is met with standards. This product is characterized by a long servicing life.

The transportation of goods was a major problem during older days. People had to manually carry heavy loads to distances far apart. The industrial revolution saw the outbreak of several important technological developments. One such development was the invention of freight carrying trains. The utility of these trains are very basic and essential that these are even used nowadays. In almost all cases, raw materials for various industries are transported. One advantage of these means of transportation is that raw materials can be transported in large numbers. Examples of such materials are grain, ore, track ballast, coal etc. These can also be carried to large distances. Hopper cars can either be closed or open. Closed hoppers are those which have a roof above. Open hoppers on the other hand, do not have the roof on top.

It is important for every load bearing system to monitor the weight associated with it. Hopper weighing system is a system used for the measuring the weight of hopper wagons. The system should be free from any defects so that no errors creep into the weighing process.