Ladle Turret Weighing System

Ladle turret scales are used for example in continuous casting facilities where the liquid steel is cast into continuous strands. The weighing equipment is used in the ladle turret, tundish and outgoing roller table to determine the weight and control the process.

Our turret scales are very robust to withstand the large impact and shock load, our high temperature load cell are suitably designed and fit in to be turret application with wire and wireless inter connectivity.


The turret bar can withstand up to 200°C without any external insulation

The turret can be manufactured to cater the specific requirement of high temp with air burging and ceramic and insulating materials

The incredibly robust ladle turret scales are manufactured for the prevailing harsh ambient conditions. They are not affected by shock, interfering forces or huge fluctuations in temperature.

Key Features

  •  High accuracy and reliability
  •  Mechanically Rugged design
  •  High resistance to the influences of temperature
  •  Turret bar can withstand up to 200°C
  •  Wireless transmission of the weight to PC( or) PLC
  •  Suitable for tough environmental conditions