Weighing System Is Fixed On The Equipment Itself, No Need To Go For Weighbridges



  • Helps To Know The Exact Quantity Of The Materials You Are Loading / Selling
  • Optimize Your Vehicle Load And Prevent Under And Over Load Charges
  • Know The Exact Production Of The Each Wheel Loaders
  • Speed Up The Loading Process
  • Designed To Work On All Models Of Loaders And Excavator Available World Wide
  • Pioneer In On Board Weighing System In India
  • Oem Supplier Of On Board Weighing System For Front End Loader Manufacturer
  • Indo-Italian Product


  • Loader Weighing System
  • Excavator Weighing System
  • Dumper Weighing System
  • Grapple Weighing System
  • Articulated Dump Truck Weighing System
  • Forklift Weighing System

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Weights of loads is no more a headache with the usage of our new instrument OBWS (On Board Weighing System). We have been endowed with huge appreciation and approval for manufacturing and exporting our quality instrument OBWS. Our OBWS systems are manufactured with most enrich technological facilities available. It has become one of the leading Products in market with its quality as its main factor. Our products are mainly manufactured for weighing the vehicle loads and its optimization.

Loader Scale

Our loader scale are specially designed to generate the most accurate output, as it is implemented with the most astonishing standards .The key role that yields the success of our weighing product is the standard followed for defining our weighing scale.

Wheel loader Weighing

Helper X ,The one known for accuracy and repeatability follows a simple design.

The principle followed by the system is to proportionate the pressure for lifting the cylinder to the load on the bucket.At the location where the bucket gets parallel to the ground the pressure incurred for lifting the cylinder is made to tap. A high precision monolithic A/D converter is made to amplify and filter the low level signals from the pressure sensor and it is then converted in to a digital format. The data so attained after the digitization process is then further converted in to the customer preferred format such that it can satisfy their data requirement for their applications.

The helper x is defined from an art of weighing automation. It starts from zero to the desired weighted in an incremental manner. The product is designed to keep track of the exact quantity of materials that you loads or sells in terms of weight. This product prevents you from paying over and under load charges and provides an optimized loading scheme.

Pay loader weighing

The Helper P 7 Product from us is derived from the quality of production and is best known for accuracy and repeatability.

The key principle on this system is to make the pressure to lift the cylinder which is proportional to the load on the bucket. Repeatability is achieved when the pressure incurred for lifting the cylinder is made to tap at the location at a place where the bucket is parallel to the ground. The signals of the low level type generated from the pressure sensor is made to amplify and filter with the usage of a high precious monolithic A/D converter and is then converted to a digital format. The digitized data is then further converted in to a format by processing in order to meet the customers applications need.

JCB Weighing

This is one of our premium packages. One of its key attribute is its accuracy. We assure to deliver this to our clients at the cheapest possible rate. We also have an onsite servicing team to handle JCB weighing. The standard used for developing this product is exceptionally outstanding.

Loader Weighing systems

The helper X is one of our successful products available on the market. It provides an excellent mean for controlling the under and over loading of materials. It prevents the vehicle from entering to the unload process in case if the weighing bridge is at the exit point.It helps in knowing the limits of weights and hence can influence in boosting the speed of loading process. By keeping track of production of each wheel loader, it provides an excellent control for production. The system resets to zero on ever boot and also provides facility to manually set to zero.


As the main motive of our organization is customer satisfaction. We also have loaders that can be used not only for weighing but also to monitor the fuel consumption. The loader from our organization has an enriched quality in terms of technology and standards. Our loaders are made to avail on the market with a guarantee that assures the quality and reliability.

Forklift weighing

We have the experts for inventing and developing the solution to meet wide and dynamic requirements of the customers. Fork Lift weighing is one of our remarkable product. Our truck not only provides a solution for weight management but also provides an excellent mean for fuel optimization. The main application of forklift weighing is that it provides an excellent facility for monitoring the incoming and outgoing loads as it can be seen from the driver’s seat. The weight is made to calculate by lifting the load which is then stored, classified by product, printed or manipulated with the help of computer by making use of VRI management software.

Forklift Scale

Our products defined by standards and quality to manage weight of goods. Technologies of advanced levels are used to manufacture these forklift scales. The scale for forklift provides with the most accurate data during the loading process in order to prevent overload and also provides the basic information regarding the weight.

Excavator weighing system

Our organization does provide the solution for calculating and displaying most precious data for loads at the excavation process. The advanced technology provides maximum freedom for the operators for the load control. Our product also provides a very user friendly Interface for the display. The data regarding the weight is displayed with an enriched graphics. This enriches the understandability of the data being displayed by our product.

Truck on board weighing system

Our enrich manufacturing is triggered with a quality output upon its completion. The truck on board weighing system is developed to produce the most accurate output of sophisticated weights. It also keeps a track of the fuel consumption. There is an automatic vehicle identification feature which is optional and can be appended up on customer’s request.

On board Truck weighing system

We are proud to announce that our organization also manufactures the On Board Truck Weighing System. It provides a convenient way to see the weights. It also provides a good graphical view for displaying the weights which boost the understandability of the viewers. This product is featured with a very user-friendly interface.

Dumber weighing system

Clients can avail various weighing system from us. Accuracy and precision are few factors that convince our clients to opt our product. Our organizations professionals ensure that all products manufactured meet the standards and can satisfy all the needs of our clients. Besides quality our product also processes the durability factor.

Off highway truck weighing system

It’s our privilege to manufacture the product which is durable and process extreme quality. We also produce the systems that can be used to weigh the truck at an off-road level. Our system is featured with a great flexibility in usage and accuracy at its output which makes our product reliable for our customers. The Off Highway Truck Weighing System is one such product manufactured at our organization.

BEML dumper weighing system

We believe manufacturing of product is complete only when we assure our customers reliability on our products. Our product BEML dumper weighing system is featured with its ease on its operation. It provides various features that flavor our client’s needs in a most efficient manner. BEML Dumper Weighing system is well known for its convenient maintenance.

Cat dumper weighing system

Our product cat Dumper weighing system is another quality product from our organizations manufacturing. It is developed with the best effective quality to produce the most accurate output on weighing the loads. This system is featured with lights to indicate the loading process. It is completely automated at its functioning and can deliver a convenient access experience to its users.

Pay load Monitoring Systems (PLMS)

Monitoring systems like Pay Load Monitoring System form our organization is manufactured with immense care to ensure the quality and durability. This product is meant for measuring the weights and record them and then to make a relational comparison wheel loaders. The weigh calculation for each wheel loader is maintained individually to perform a comparison operation.

Load Monitoring weighing Systems

The load monitoring weighing system is a convenient solution for large mining and quarrying across the world. This product is engineered at the site location to achieve the maximum configuration and to ensure the best possible functionality attributes. This product of our organization has the capability to automatically memorize the load transported.

Articulated Dump Truck weighing System

We have attained much appreciation for our award winning product Articulated Dump Truck weighing System. This product is developed and manufactured in a highly advanced technological background and can deliver an advanced management for optimization of loads. It is a highly demanded product in the market.

Hyva truck Weighing systems

With the great technology comes great products, With great product comes great functionality and great quality. Our product Hyva truck weighing systems is developed with the motive for deriving the satisfaction of our customers. This Product can handle the weighing process with great accuracy and can provide an advanced user friendly interface for its output data of weights

Tipper weighing system

Our company also manufactures and exports the Tipper Weighing System to our customers. It is featured with one pressure transduced for lifting cylinders and is mounded with two load pins at its rear pivot which has been recorded when lifting cylinders at certain heights. The measurement of the weight is done by the load pins at the rear pivot and the pressure transducer measure the cylinder pressure value which is proportional to the cylinder and the load acting on it.

Highway truck weighing system

Yet another quality product manufactured at our organization to meet our customers need with standards and quality. The Hyva truck Weighing systems is famous for its safety features. This product is created with a safety oriented motive and has an enhanced set of features that ensures the safety of the product during its operation.

Mining truck weighing system

We are on a track of production of Mining truck weighing system which has the capability of displaying the excess weight on the load and can provide a safe weighing mechanism. This system makes use of the same technology that is used in the Truck Weighing System. It provides an efficient weighing mechanism and is safe to use.

Quarry management

Quarry management is mainly applicable for our products that can be used at large mining. It is featured with a vast and versatile option that can make the handling an easy procedure. It has the capability to monitor the weighing with an intelligent load sensing system. This feature has got an unweaving and accurate performance for our product with respect to time.

Grapple weighing system

An effective management of weight requires the weighing data to be interpreted in many ways. And this needs can be overcome with our system Grapple weighing system which has the capability to manipulate the weighing data and can interpret those data and can be displayed in a most understood format. These products are assembled at the site. The onsite construction of this product enables the system to be configured in a most efficient manner so as to accrue the most relevant output.

Skid steer loader

We do make avail of Skid steer loader, one of our leading product. Our professionals make use of high-grade raw materials for this production. This product has the capability to carry heavy load and is featured with a robust construction. The maintenance that can be incurred on this type of loaders are very low hence it can provide a longer service life.

Ladle car weighing system

Our Product Ladle car weighing system provides an excellent means to weigh the cars. It provides verity of features that can make the weighing process an easy process. The output generated from this type of instrument is well known for its accuracy and durability. The assembling mechanism for this product followed by us is the base factor that makes our product a successful one.

Scrap car weighing system

Our organization manufactures a wide variety of weighing systems that can be implemented to produce a weighing solution for a wide variety of issues. One of our products named Scrap car weighing system is developed with such an aim. The main motive for this type of product is to make possible to weigh the load of any type, for instance the scrap car. The scraps can be out of shape and our systems provide facilities to weight almost any load of any shape.

Billet weighing system

The core feature that can be spotted on any of our product is its quality and its accuracy. Our professional employees make use of highly advanced tools and machineries to manufacture the various weighing systems. The perfection of our product is achieved with a perfect blend of high quality raw materials with the advanced technology and technique used in manufacturing. Billet weighing system is featured with an advanced password protection system.

Coil weighing system

The product Coil Weighing System is manufactured by targeting at various weighing needs and to efficiently handle those needs. This system is meant to generate a correct data regarding the load and has an added feature of security. The security in this system is implemented with a password protection schema. The rich raw materials used for the manufacturing this product has made this product a corrosion free product.

Turret weighing system

Systems manufactured by our experts depict the goodwill of our organization. The turret weighing system is featured with fully automated mechanism that can automates all of its function and can generate a most convenient and usable data. This system is build with higher efficiency and that makes it a maintenance free product.

Hot metal weighing system

The objects processing excess temperature are measured with great difficulty. Our product has the solution to overcome this easy. Besides providing a solution for weighing high temperature loads, our product also adds an ease for the process of weighing such loads. Special Features are added to handle, lift and weigh the loads with high temperature.

Wagon tippler weighing system

The solutions to various weighing issues are made to solve with our various systems that are manufactured with the motive to generate a correct reading for weights of loads. The Wagon tippler weighing systems are built with the motive to weigh the tippers and to calculate the weighing difference while loading.

Truck tipper weighing system

Weighing heavier objects requires complex technology. The weigh calculation performed by our product is made with great efficiency and speed. The system developed by our organization for weighing trucks and tippers has many appended features to weigh heavier loads with great accuracy.