Our Static Rail Weighing design is brain child of our customer who need always simple yet fully utilizable product to cater their specific need. The product Pitless direct mountable Loadcell has been designed to install a system with out any major civil and traffic disturbance . Our SBTL loadcell can mounted on sleepers laid on the track and can be installed with less than 24hrs.



  • OIML And BIS Approved
  • Pit/Pitless Design Option Under Single Roof
  • High Speed And High Accuracy
  • Highly Sophisticated State Of The Art Technology
  • Based Weighing Terminal
  • Remote Sensing Excitation Circuitry
  • Menu Driven Operation
  • High-Resolution Analog To Digital Converter.
  • Programmable Update Rate With Adjustable Digital
  • Averaging And Auto Latching
  • Automatic Calibration Check.
  • Auto Zero Maintenance.
  • IBM Keyboard / Keypad Interface.
  • Password Security.
  • Centronics Parallel Interface.
  • Self & Operator Diagnostics.
  • Printer Interface
  • Auto Zero Tracking
  • Auto Calibration
  • Real Time Clock
  • Watch Dog Timer
  • In – Built Surge Protection And Lightning Arrestor
  • Well Built And Maintenance Free
  • Weather Proof Design


Weighing capacity
User selectable upto 9999.99 T
System Accuracy
< +/- 0.05%
Load cell
16X2 LCD display
RS 232/ RS 485/ USB
1, 2, 5,10,20,50,100 user selectable
Pit and Pitless
Printer interface through RS232C & also parallel
Centronics will be provided.
Win Weigh Window based software

Our expertise in the industry and customer has made us a better platform for delivering top quality rail static weighing system. Different clients have different requirements. We provide flexible and full customized solution for the purpose of meeting the requirements of all kinds of customers. We have designed our system in such a manner that it can take up to 100 conversions per second. It is also is able to excite up to 12 load cells and translate noisy signals into stable & accurate results.

  • Load cell based rail static weighing system:
    load cell based rail static weighing system is a type of rail static weighing system that functions at higher levels of performance and quality. Our experience in the field has helped us to deliver this product at the best standards, yet at cheaper prices.


  • Sensor based rail static weighing system:r71
    rail static weighing systems also comes with sensors on them. This is to get more accurate data and results from the operations. Some of our clients’ always request for such type of rail static weighing systems. Sensors bring more efficiency and timely results. This is why these products are highly demanded.
  • Pit type based rail static weighing system:
    pit type rail static weighing system describes about the design of the product. The company makes sure to deliver better designs. These types of designs are mainly suitable for some clients who deal with products like rail static weighing systems.
  • Pit type rail static weighing system:
    pit type rail static weighing systems are related with the design of the product. It is one of the technical specifications of any product. Such design can be used in various products like rail static weighing systems and rail on motion.
  • Pit less type rail static weighing system:
    this is another type design used in rail static weighing system. It differentiates the product in terms of utility and outlay. Such products are of premium fashion and high quality standards.
  • Surface mount weighing system:
    these are another set of specifications and aspects regarding rail static weighing system. They are directly related with the outer performance and space management of the product. Such products show higher level of utility when properly designed.