Our services include application engineering, detailed design engineering, control software/SCADA Development, process optimization services, field services and training solutions. Our experience in the field of automation has helped us to deliver our products and services at the best possible manner. Our main service includes:

Application engineerin, which consists of Site Survey. Site survey is deals with-

  • Requirement Specification: this deals with Controller Selection, I/O Module Estimation, Communication Network Selection, Overall Network Configuration, Interface with third Party Devices, Reporting Software and Operator Training.
  • Estimation of Equipment required in control room like Cabinets, Consoles etc., Erection materials based on instrument location drawings, Structural Steel pipes for instruments supports, cables ducts, trays etc and Type and quantity of cables.
  • Proposal Documentation on Overall Scope, Configuration Diagram, Major Equipment Specification, Proposed Equipment Layout, Major BOM, Scope of Services, Applicable Standards and Catalogue / Data Sheets.
  • Detailed Design Engineering which includes Control Automation / Electrical, Instrumentation, and O & M Documentation are some other set of operations that we do. These are carried out with extreme prejudice and care.
  • Control Automation / Electrical is mainly used in areas such as General & Internal Arrangement, Wiring Diagram, Control Scheme, BOM with Specification, Control Room Layout, Cable Interconnection Diagram, Power Consumption Charts, Consumable List, Assembly Procedure, SAT Procedure, FAT Procedure, and O & M Documentation
  • Instrumentation and preparation of:
    • instrument list from P&I diagrams with the detailed provision of various instruments, based on the P&I diagrams and process details
    • Instrument hook-up drawings, Preparation of detailed BOM for field work like pipes, fittings, tubes, cables, etc.
    • interconnection diagrams between field and control room instruments/systems
    • cable schedule for interconnection between various cabinets and field instruments
    • Design of shut down and interlock systems for the Plant, based on details furnished by the Process Engineers , Duct and cable tray routing

Control Software / SCADA Development

It is another set of services provided by our company. These are among the chepest services provided by us, yet the best. These services includes Preparation of I/O Lists, Ladder Logic Diagrams, Development of prototype, Program Development, SCADA Screens, Simulation testing, and Integration testing & Configuration.

Process Optimization Services

We also provide process optimization services. We guarantee the best results from these services as our team is the best in the industry. The various process optimization services provided by Senlogic are Control Audit & Reporting, Process Optimization Measures, Retrofits, Implementation & Testing, and Reporting & Handing Over

Field Services

The various field services from us are Commissioning, Preventive Maintenance, Breakdown Resolutions, Calibrations, Software Upgrades, and Retrofits. We have employed one of the best team for delivering these services.

Training Solutions

We have various Onsite and Classroom training programs designed for the development of labourers & employees. It helps to keep pace with the technological changes in the market and needs of customers. Major training solutions include PLC, Drives, HMI, and System Specific.