Pit and Pit less Design / Un – Manned / Portable Road Weighbridges


  • Menu Driven Operation
  • Highly Sophisticated State Of The Art Technology Based Weighing Terminal
  • Remote Sensing Excitation Circuitry
  • High-Resolution Analog To Digital Converter
  • Automatic Calibration Check
  • Auto Zero Maintenance
  • IBM Keyboard / Keypad Interface
  • Password Security
  • Centronics Parallel Interface
  • Self & Operator Diagnostics
  • Digital Indicator Model With Embedded Micro
  • Controller And Large Lcd Displays
  • Printer Interface
  • Auto Zero Tracking
  • Auto Calibration
  • Real Time Clock
  • Watch Dog Timer



1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 And 100 User Selectable
System Accuracy
+/- 0.05%
Pit And Pit Less Design
Load Cell (Double Ended, Compression)
IBM Compatible Keyboard Centronics Rs232/ Rs 485
16X2 Lcd Display/ 128X64 Graphic Display
Rs232/ Rs 485/ USB/ 4-20MA
Conversion Rate
2000/ Sec
Optional Item
Remote Large Display (2 Inch, 4 Inch) Computer And Software Package,Unmanned Rf Weighing, Weather Proof Junction Box , Ticket Printer

The main advantage of road Weigh Bridge is that there is no need for a man to work for operating it. It is an unmanned automated system. We had been designing the products with the international standards. This particular array of products is being known for its high level performance, smooth functioning, flexibility and strength.

Type Weighbridge

There are various types of weighbridge to suit the needs of clients with different needs or requirements. All these types are of high quality irrespective of their types. They are available for different price levels.

Pit less weighbridge /Surface mount weigh bridge

This is one type of weighbridge. Pit less is related with the design of the weighbridge, i.e. how its design is. Senlogic always make the best design for suiting the requirement of the environment as well as the client. We manufacture custom weighbridge to make it suitable for its purpose.

Unmanned weigh bridge

We have manufactured automated weigh bridge. In such a facility, there is no need for an operator. The efficiency is higher for such products and is more cost effective. Moreover we make custom unmanned weigh bridge according to the need or requirement.

Portable weigh bridge

This is another type of weighbridge which can be moved or carried from one place to another easily. Such products are of high demand among our customer due to their high flexibility. This feature, portability, will not affect the capacity of the weigh bridge and thus is efficient and effective.

Axle weigh bridge

Axle weigh bridges are used for weighing local transportation and for making shift arrangements for new mines. It also helps to cross check weights at exit of many industries. Sometimes they are used for traffic management.

Weigh pads

They are used as part of the weighing systems. Their main purpose is to calculate the pressure that comes from placing a vehicle on the weigh pads and report to the converting section for knowing the weight. This is one of the integral parts of any weighing machine.