Weighing On Forklift

In the industry is always been a problem to know the weight of incoming and outgoing loads, or to know how much weight the fork lift truck is lifting for safety reasons.

Now directly from the driver’s seat the lifted loads can be weighed, stored, classified by product and customer, printed or transferred to a computer with installed VEI management software.


The load is measured by a pressure reading of the lifting. No additional attachments are added to the fork-lift truck, saving the thuck nominal capacity.


  •  High precision and legal for trade
  •  Avoid overload fines by loading target weight
  •  Reduce haulage cost avoidingunder load
  •  Swap scale from one loader to another for no downtime
  •  Reduce cycle times at the weighingbridge
  •  Weigh bridges and associated runningcosts can be eliminated
  •  UDB data transfer at no extra cost
  •  Worldwide factory trained supportbackup
  •  Real time, web-based consultationof loading and production data fromany work station, tablet or smart phone
  •  Multiple weighing modes: Incremental,Target, Vehicle and Recipe
  •  End-to-end management of thepayload process, with print out of thedelivery tickets and data sent to billingsystem in real time using wirelesscellular technology
  •  Minimum components with no junctionboxes
  •  To Increase operator efficiency